Monday, October 10, 2016

6th Grade Math Topic 3

This week in math we begin topic 3. We will practice the following seven skills:

3.1: Understand and represent exponents.

3.2: Find greatest common factor and least common multiples.

3.3: Write and evaluate numerical expressions.

3.4: Write algebraic expressions.

3.5: Evaluate algebraic expressions.

3.6: Generate equivalent expressions.

3.7: Simplify algebraic expressions.

Our topic 3 test is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th. Your child has many resources to help build fluency with these skills. These resources include, but are not limited to, textbook, Khan Academy, Explore Learning, and Quizlet. I’ve already recommended all the topic 3 skills in Khan Academy and reset the Explore Learning (Gizmo) to include topic 3 skills as well.

Below are links for helpful resources.

Workbook answer key:

You can find important vocabulary and means of practice here:

You can find our online textbook here:

You can see when assessments are scheduled here:

You can find games and videos here:

You can find helpful math videos here:

You can find practice examples with answer keys here:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

6th Grade Math Topic 2

Our second topic is about integers and rational numbers.  We will focus on six specific skills.  In topic 2, students will:

2.1)  Understanding integers.
2.2)  Representing rational numbers on the number line.
2.3)  Identifying the absolute values of rational numbers.
2.4)  Representing rational numbers on the coordinate plane.
2.5)  Finding distances on the coordinate plane.
2.6)  Representing polygons on the coordinate plane.

We use workbooks, Khan Academy, Explore Learning, online textbooks, Quizlet, and many other resources to practice these six skills.  I have included links to many of the resources below.  Topic 2 quizzes and tests are scheduled and posted on my math website at  All students should be practicing math at home for at least 15 minutes each evening; regular practice over a long period of time is a great way to push skills into long-term memory!

More good news!  For the first time, we are taking a group of 6th graders to a county-wide Academic Challenge tournament.  I hold practice sessions starting next week during the school day on Tuesday and Thursday.  Any student is welcome to come practice.  In October, I will use a timed short answer test to determine the 10 final participants.  You can find more information on a new website (it is under construction and subject to change) at:

You can find an answer key to the workbook here:

You can find skill practice here:

You can find videos of skills here:

You can find an answer key for our Gizmo:  Integers, Opposites, and Absolute Values here:

You can find an answer key for our Gizmo:  Integers, Opposites, and Absolute Values here:

You can find an answer key for our Gizmo:  Points in the Coordinate Plane here:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Additional Topic 1 Resources

I've started organizing a large selection of online games, videos, and brainteasers by topic and skill set.  You can find these by clicking "Resource Links" on the left-hand side of my website.  Please email me submissions if you know of a good game, video, or brainteaser, so that I may continue to add to this growing list.

You can also find answers for the remaining Topic 1 workbook questions by clicking here.  Complete an exercise before you look at the answer.  Even if you are not confident how to solve a problem, give it a try and do some work before you look at the answer.  Do not look at the answer key until you have work and a solution.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

6th Grade Math Topic 1

Welcome to 6th grade math. Our first topic is computation fluency. Students will practice using positive rational numbers. More specifically, students will:

-Fluently add, subtract, and multiply decimals.

-Fluently divide whole numbers and decimals.

-Multiply fractions.

-Understand division with fractions.

-Divide fractions by fractions.

-Divide mixed numbers.

-Solve problems with rational numbers.

We will use enVision workbooks, Khan Academy, Quizlet, Socrative, and other resources to practice these important skills.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Math for the 2016-2017 School Year!

Welcome to 6th grade math with Mr. Hartwell!  Take some time to read the class syllabus carefully.  Remember, you can earn points early by practicing Khan Academy 6th grade skills.  I look forward to working with you this year!